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News and opinions from the team at SRDS, including Emmanuel Debuyck, CEO of Adwanted Group and Heather Petaccio, CEO of Adwanted US SRDS.

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SRDS is an industry leader in media planning and buying. We offer agencies and brands a comprehensive and efficient way to integrate digital and traditional media into modern audience-first buying practices. Meanwhile, for publishers, SRDS serves as a potent revenue driver. Our product enables them to connect with media buyers quickly and effectively. The SRDS platform boasts a vast inventory of more than 125,000 media brands. It’s a go-to destination for media buyers and sellers alike. It’s worth noting that SRDS is a subsidiary of the Adwanted Group.

Heather Petaccio appointed CEO of Adwanted US


SRDS is Part of Adwanted Group Heather Petaccio appointed as CEO of Adwanted US Please join us in congratulating Heather on this very well deserved milestone. SRDS is pleased to announce Heather Petaccio as CEO of Adwanted US. Heather, who currently serves as President of SRDS, will be [...]

Heather Petaccio appointed CEO of Adwanted US2023-03-20T12:40:42-04:00
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