Connected TV

Media planning data for Connected TV, and OTT Advertising


The SRDS Connected TV database allows you to quickly grasp the value propositions of 125+ ad tech companies operating in the OTT advertising space.

Media planning data for Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) TV

Increase your planning efficiency and make informed advertising decisions.

  • Identify companies offering addressable, CTV/OTT, measurement, ad buying platforms and vendor services.
  • Understand the landscape and market leaders.
  • Create POVs on ad tech companies with standardized, objective descriptions and data.
  • Understand who to contact to buy direct, engage with service providers, and explore ad opportunities.
Using a connected tv or Smart TV to stream movies and shows.
A television screen showing viewing options for streaming tv shows.

What is Connected TV?

The term encompasses all the methods of streaming television content.
A TV that is connected to the internet is referred to as a “Connected TV”. It provides the ability to stream content online, either through its built-in capabilities (if it’s a smart TV) or by using an external device such as a Roku, Apple TV, or a gaming console. An example of this is a viewer watching live TV through an Amazon Fire TV stick and viewing ads during the program, similar to the traditional TV experience.

Types of CTV:

  • Addressable TV: Addressable TV refers to TV sets connected to the internet that offer video-on-demand services. One key aspect of addressable TV is its ability to enable marketers to target their ads to specific audiences, based on data such as interests, habits, and demographics. For example, two households watching the same show on Food Network, like “Beat Bobby Flay,” may view different ads based on their unique profile.
  • Over-the-top: Often mistaken for connected TV, “OTT” (Over-The-Top) refers to video content delivered to viewers through the internet instead of traditional cable or satellite TV services. While connected TV refers to the device, OTT refers to the service. Some popular OTT services include Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. For instance, a viewer who wants to watch a specific show on Comedy Central can add the Comedy Central channel on their Roku device, which may show ads while they navigate the content offerings.

CTV Content Overview

  • Company profile
  • Ownership
  • Website and media kit links
  • Contact information and RFI email addresses
  • Audience estimates
  • Targeting options
  • Channels and content
  • Advertising opportunities

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