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A multimedia RFP platform

We help you communicate across multimedia channels and automate the sending of RFPs to as many media channels you are interested in interacting with. With JAM, you can connect with 1 or 100 media companies, the choice is yours. You have access to special select inventory and standard rates for ad placement. This automation can act as your direct point of contact, save your team time and automate your client requests.

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What Can JAM Do For You?

Save you time:
Reduce the back-and-forth between buyers and sellers

Reduce loss of sales:
Create efficiencies in communications, getting you closer to closing.

Media companies are able to integrate their inventory seamlessly into JAM through API connections

Increase visibility:
Use JAM on your own site to target new buyers and increase visibility of your advertising offers

Automate your responses, saving you more time!



Target prospects who will be accompanied step by step in their RFP request.
Increase the visibility of your offers: Take advantage of our technological connections and our network to distribute your commercial offers more widely.
Integrate with your own technology (such as MediaPilot).
Automate your responses:
Reduce your management costs by using Artificial Intelligence (via Allocator).


JAM offers different types of buying paths to target different types of buyers. Whether your buyers are familiar with ad buying or not, they will find all the elements they need to initiate their requests. Make JAM your ally in reaching direct advertisers.

Reduce Your Costs

Responding to all your customers can be time-consuming. Through our solution based on Artificial Intelligence, we are able to provide you with a reliable spot allocator that can be configured by your teams.

Streamline Your process

You will be able to build plans automatically to meet your customers’ needs. Take control and adapt our AI to fit your needs by setting the technical attributes it will take into account (but we can also take over and manage this process for you).

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