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The leading software inventory management, transaction and invoicing system

MediaPilot is the leading software inventory management, transaction, and invoicing system for advertising campaigns in France. Working with all media (television, radio, print, digital) and advertising campaigns (traditional, sponsorship, crossmedia etc.), MediaPilot provides the platform to aggregate key advertising campaign information into one platform giving control at key stages of the campaign. MediaPilot offers customization with over 500+ functions and can be adapted to fit your organization.

what can MediaPilot Do For You?

Reduce costs:
Show all sales inventory in the same system, eliminating the need for multiple systems.

Protect your inventory:
Inventory can exist in the same system. You can be confident it is protected with MediaPilot.

Muiltichannel platform:
All of your inventory is available across multiple channels.



Allows you to manage broadcast, audio, print, and digital.


API integrations with multiple advertising systems and platforms.

Data Security

Meets the highest technical security standards and stores all ad management data in a single, secure database.

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