Media Research for Libraries and Universities

Real-world tools for Successful Media Campaigns

With access to the SRDS platform, your students and patrons can conduct media research for successful marketing and advertising campaigns.

The SRDS online planning platform makes it easy for agencies and advertisers to connect with the media brands that fit their objectives. Top U.S. ad agencies use SRDS for their media campaigns, searching among 125,000+ media properties, categorized by media type, market, and geography.

SRDS is an essential tool for students learning how to build marketing campaigns. Students can use SRDS to find the latest data across various evolving media channels including print, digital, tv, radio, and out-of-home.

Students conducting research for an advertising campaign.

With SRDS, your students and patrons will:

  • Gain access to traditional, digital, and local media, as well as the contact and rate information for thousands of media properties:
  • Search by market, lifestyle, and demographic to find target consumers with Claritas 360.
  • Enjoy the convenience of IP access.

Media Research Projects for Students

SRDS partners with the American Advertising Federation (AAF) to provide students participating in the National Advertising Student Competition (NSAC) access to our platform. Not only is SRDS an essential tool for researching media data, but SRDS can also provide historical data on newspaper circulation, newspaper rates, and magazine circulation for Ph.D. research and dissertation projects.

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SRDS Testimonials

“Our team uses SRDS weekly for media contact information, audience data, and market profiles, among other features. This is an excellent tool for students to become familiar with the media industry or specific geographic markets. Understanding how to use SRDS as a resource, and having the opportunity to apply the data would position students favorably for opportunities within advertising, media planning, and buying roles.”

Jon Bross, Vladimir Jones Agency

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