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Image showing different types of graphs. Enhance your SRDS profile with a paid listing.

Your visibility matters. A basic listing just isn’t enough.

Media planners and buyers are using SRDS.com right now to determine where they will buy ads. If you want to get more exposure as they build integrated plans, you have to be listed in SRDS.com. SRDS profiles are free, but enhanced listings offer higher page rankings, better visibility, positioning statements, and so much more.

Identify, Evaluate, and Connect

Media buyers use SRDS to view comprehensive planning data and effectively identify what publications meet their planning needs. In SRDS, media buyers can:

  • Quickly analyze and pinpoint titles that reach target audiences in each database
  • Save time using enhanced search, filter and sort options
  • Fill gaps and blind spots in data
  • Access advertising rates, issue, & closing dates
  • Easily build consideration sets and export data to reports
  • Quickly activate plans by connecting with publisher contacts provided in a profile or through our RFI tool
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SRDS webpage shown on laptop

What kind of data appears in an SRDS profile?

  • SRDS category or geographic market
  • Call letters and slogans
  • Editorial profile
  • Personnel and branch offices
  • Representatives
  • Website and media kit links
  • County and city of license
  • Primary and secondary audiences
  • Programming
  • Publication frequency
  • Special features
  • Circulation data and audit reports
  • Issue and closing dates
  • Third-party audience demographics and site metrics
  • Traffic information
  • Advertising rates and policies
  • General specifications
  • Ad formats
  • Broadcast facilities
  • Network targeting options and programmatic data
  • Satellite and translator information
  • Many publishers include video media kits, research and audience profiles, positioning statements, featured marketing opportunities, and images

Want to get your brand in front of media buyers? SRDS can help!

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Sell your brand

SRDS visibility packages give you opportunities to tell your brand’s unique story to media planners and buyers, even in your competitor’s listings, even when they won’t take your calls.