Cable Media Planning Data

SRDS TV & Cable Source™ 

The SRDS TV & Cable Source™ gives you comprehensive cable media planning data on over 2,500 U.S. broadcast and cable television advertising opportunities, rep firms, and group owners.

TV and Cable Media

Increase your broadcast planning efficiency and make informed TV ad buying decisions.

  • Identify TV stations in both large and unfamiliar markets across all 210 designated TV markets
  • Save time using enhanced search, filter, and sort options
  • Identify DMA markets by zip code, county, city, and state
  • Tap into county-defined maps and demographic profiles
  • Easily build consideration sets and export data to reports
  • Quickly activate your plans by connecting with advertising contacts
Image of TV & Cable information page with some information burred out
Laptop showing screen that has demographic info for a TV station

Make informed decisions with all the data points you need to compile a plan.

  • Geographic market
  • Contact info
  • County and city of license
  • Website
  • Network affiliations
  • Personnel
  • Corporate ownership
  • Representatives
  • Programming
  • Facilities
  • Special features
  • Traffic information
  • Satellite and translator information

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