What is SRDS?

About Us

SRDS is the industry standard for media planning and media buying. We provide agencies and brands with comprehensive and efficient means to incorporate digital and traditional media into modern, audience-first buying practices. For publishers, our platform is a powerful revenue driver that helps them to connect with media buyers efficiently and effectively. Our database is comprised of inventory from over 125,000 media brands. SRDS is part of the Adwanted Group.

History of SRDS

One-hundred and four years ago (1919), Walter Botthof, along with Alvin “Al” Beirnes, formed a company together. Their idea was to publish a “comprehensive press rate sheet” that would be issued quarterly to all US  advertisers. Subsequently, the brand name SRDQ, “Standard Rates and Data, Quarterly,” was born. Botthof proved to be an excellent salesman and, therefore, the two partners expanded the company throughout the U.S. market. The quarterly magazine soon became monthly, and the company name evolved to be the name it is today, SRDS. SRDS stands for Standard Rates and Data Services.

The Future of SRDS

In 2020, after 3 years of negotiations with its owner, Kantar Media, Emmanuel Debuyck succeeded in buying the company. Debuyck, current CEO of Adwanted Group, along with CEO of Adwanted US SRDS, Heather Petaccio, have a shared vision. They see a vast field of possibilities including the enhancement of the core offerings, increasing new media, building new partnerships, increasing the digital focus, and consistently improving the quality of the data.

About Adwanted Group

Essential today, Invaluable tomorrow.

Adwanted Group is a media company that provides the advertising sector with the best tech and information. Headquartered in New York, with offices in Paris, Lille and London, Adwanted has grown through acquisition and organic development.

Trusted by the biggest media companies in the world, Adwanted Group delivers information that makes media companies better at what they do. Adwanted Events, formerly Mediatel Events, inform, educate, and connect media audiences around the world. The company’s data is essential to enhance marketing plans. Its systems enable advertising to be bought, sold and evaluated better and faster.

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