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Transforming Morningside Park

Earth Month 2024

To celebrate Earth Month, Adwanted SRDS employees from the New York City office participated in a day of service at Morningside Park earlier this week. Hosted by the Partnerships for Parks , the event drew over 100 corporate volunteers from several NY based companies.

With “a unique public-private partnership between City Parks Foundation and NYC Parks,” Partnerships for Parks “supports and champions neighborhood volunteers by providing the tools needed to advocate and care for neighborhood parks and green spaces.”

Spanning 13 city blocks in upper Manhattan within both the Harlem and Morningside Heights neighborhoods, Morningside Park offers multiple attractions for visitors including playgrounds, walking paths, an abundance of trees and flowers, and even a cascading waterfall.

Adwanted SRDS Volunteer Day 2024 Morning Side Park New York
Getting Down and Dirty

Volunteers at Morningside Park were split into one of three groups; one to remove invasive weeds, one to install new plants, and one to paint the park’s perimeter fence. The Adwanted SRDS team was assigned to paint the fence, a task that the parks department completes every 2 to 4 years. We started by removing the rust and old chipping paint to ensure a smooth surface before using rollers and brushes to apply a fresh coat of black paint. As we put up wet paint signs, neighborhood residents walking by thanked us for helping to keep their local park in good condition. Some even inquired about how they could sign up to volunteer themselves.

According to Partnerships for Parks, the “team of 101 volunteers accomplished an incredible amount of work including painting 340 feet of park fencing, installing 90 new plants, and removing 76 bags of invasive plants, weeds, and litter. This tremendous effort will go a long way in maintaining Morningside Park as a thriving and welcoming green space for all visitors.” The tools we used have been donated to the park staff and will help them continue their work in the future. Additionally, SRDS has made a donation to the City Parks Foundation to help support their work beautifying NYC parks.

SRDS is excited to continue planning more volunteer events for its employees both in the NYC and Chicago areas in the coming months.

Learn more about getting involved with Partnerships for Parks.

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