Print Production Data

SRDS Print Media Production Source™

Print production, traffic, and graphic design professionals depend on SRDS to report key data and specifications in the Print Media Production Source™. Save time, control costs and maintain the accuracy of your print production.

Trust SRDS Data for Media Planning

  • Key print production data for 8,200+ U.S. business, consumer, and newspaper advertising options—save time by finding all the production information you need in one source.
  • Verify production requirements—create the right art each time with up-to-date trim sizes, ROP guidelines, and digital submission specifications.
  • Output key production specs to spreadsheet programs—use essential data in your own spreadsheet software and calculate common ad sizes.
  • Contact information for advertising personnel—contact the right person each time you have a question.
  • Create contact reports—collect key contact and shipping information.
A desktop setup showing a work station for print media production.
WebMd Point of Care Dialog Screen

Print Production Content Overview

  • Business publications: domestic and healthcare
  • Consumer magazines: domestic and farm titles
  • Newspapers:
    • National newspapers
    • Daily newspapers
    • Newspaper comic groups
    • Newspaper-distributed magazines
    • Ethnic newspapers
  • Recommended standards for advertising material for web offset printing
  • Recommended specifications for newspaper advertising

Easily search the Print Media Production Source™ by magazine or newspaper title for printing process specifications, mechanical measurements, file types, and closing dates. By utilizing this source, professionals can streamline their work process, manage expenses, and ensure the precision of their print production. With SRDS, you can optimize your productivity, maintain cost efficiency, and uphold the quality of your print production.

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