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The New and Improved SRDS Academy

Introducing SRDS Academy

Media planning and buying is an ever-changing industry and new ideas seem to arise daily. Getting certified in SRDS Academy is a self-paced learning program that provides expert instruction in media planning through using the SRDS media planning tool. Academy students can follow along with realistic scenarios and develop media plans across different media categories. Individuals can get certified in media planning for

  • Business Publications
  • Consumer Magazines
  • Digital Media
  • Newspapers
  • Connected TV and Linear TV
  • Radio
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive (DEI) Media
  • Out-of-Home
  • Podcasts

SRDS Academy has been upgraded from seven courses to eleven. There are more than fifty videos of expert SRDS instruction across all courses, along with downloadable reference materials for a student’s added benefit. Complete and pass quizzes and final exams for each course to gain resume-enhancing course certifications.


We’ve been in the industry for over a century! We work with media planners big and small and help them make informed decisions every day.

Our certification gives students hands-on experience using real-life media planning scenarios and exposure to different media channels. This teaches how to reach target audiences using cross-channel marketing, as well as the importance of utilizing multiple research platforms to gain valuable market insights. Students will learn to assess and evaluate media properties to determine if they are the right fit for a brand, how to make purchasing decisions as a media planner, and how to navigate SRDS as a site.

This tool is a seamless addition to university lesson plans. Professors do not need to fret over extra work or planning; everything is designed with you and your students in mind!

Agencies: save precious time by adding these completed courses to your training process for new hires. Your current employees have the added benefit of learning about other media types.

Interested? Reach out to us at or by phone at (800) 851-17737 for more information, or learn more here.

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