The Media Leader Spotlight: March 20-24

The Artificial Intelligence Takeover

AI isn’t writing our news yet…will it ever? Read more about artificial intelligence and trending media news now

In this week’s The Media Leader: Chat GPT is taking over headlines, artificial intelligence is taking over media, and more!

How will Chat GPT-4 impact the future of media?

Phone screen showing ChatGPT artificial intelligence

Industry experts are weighing the pros and cons of the quick pace at which chatbots are developing. Just four months after OpenAI launched its artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, it already has a substantial update.

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Outdoor screen fitted with microphones so artificial intelligence can ‘hear’ sirens

Outdoor screen showing artificial intelligence monitoring sirens

A hard-hitting anti-knife crime campaign is using a digital outdoor screen fitted with microphones and AI technology to pick up the sound of ambulance sirens as a prompt for different messages.

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Why we need artificial intelligence to save humanity

illustration of robot hand and human hand touching a half robotic and half human brain artificial intelligence concept

We need to rethink Artificial Intelligence’s use and power in our lives as humans are on course to hit a wall with innovation.

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March 15, 2023 | Omar Oakes

Quality talent needs that spark: How All In will be different this year

Deeper questions around diversity and mental health will inform the updated version of the All-In Census in 2023 as the industry’s trade bodies aim to help advertising and media companies improve staff retention, writes the editor.

Not only will the marketing industries be keenly observing the results of the new All In Census, the initiative is attracting fans outside of media and advertising, too. It’s important to remember that no other established business sector runs such a comprehensive exercise in asking questions around diversity, inclusion, mental health and wellbeing at work in this way.

The Labour Party, which is riding high in the opinion polls the year before a likely UK general election, has actively looked at how the Census can be replicated on a wider scale. The banking and accounting sectors are also considering launching their own version of All In.

This time, there will be more questions probing why, for example, people from non-White backgrounds do not feel the industry is inclusive enough. There is also an expanded section on the impact on women of the menopause and for parents and carers, as well as more detailed questions about attitudes to hybrid working now that it has become standard practice across the industry.

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