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Using the SRDS Database for Media Planning

SRDS can do that? Here are several useful tips to get you started when using the SRDS Database for media planning.

Agencies and brands use SRDS as an affordable, all-in-one resource for media planning and media buying and selling. With the SRDS database, easily find and compare digital and traditional media across business, consumer, and demographic audiences. Agencies rely on our extensive set of U.S. media data to make informed decisions and initiate contact with media representatives.

Infographic showing ways the SRDS database can help with media planning.Useful Tips When Using the SRDS Database:

Media Discovery: What’s out there for me to consider? Discover by media type, market, or vertical.

Media Evaluation and Comparison: Tell me about this media property and give me key evaluators to help me compare it to others (rates, circulation, audits, Similarweb metrics, SQAD information, and media kit links)

Same Search Class: Find more like what you know. Search by media owner name to see what else is listed.

Quick Look-Ups: Enter what you are looking for, grab the information, and get on with your day!

Tweak Existing Client Plans: Find new opportunities using our open search function. Search the vertical or market to see what is working or what might make sense to swap out.

New Business Pitches: When entering into new media types or markets, get an understanding of the media landscape. Then, evaluate and compare new opportunities.

General Media Research: Find, evaluate, and compare media. Access information from other media resources such as audits, SQAD, Similarweb, programmatic pricing, and advertising packages.

Sales Prospecting: If you’re targeting media professionals, SRDS can be used for lead generation.

SRDS Open Search Function

Like Google and Yahoo search engines, the SRDS database is an open search tool. Enter anything you want! The open search function casts a wide net that may open up new possibilities. Easily search across all databases you have access to so you can see options across all media types. Then, use the filters to get as narrow as you want. Using a title search is also helpful to see all media options SRDS has for a particular media property.

SRDS Database Listings

All of our media listings include the following information:

  • Media Kit Links – Information beyond what SRDS collects
  • Website URLs – Evaluate the look, feel, and content.
  • E-mails – Connect with media properties on your terms and when it is convenient for you. Don’t get bogged down with call prospecting and Zoom meetings.
  • RFI Tool – Gather information on your terms. View what you want and ignore the rest!

Media buyers using a media planning calculator to create a media plan.

Media Planning Calculators

Use our free media calculators to determine Cost Per Thousand (CPM), Cost Per Rating Point (CPP), ratings, shares, reach and frequency, brand development index, and other formulas used in media planning and buying. These calculators are a great resource as you begin the media planning process.

Get Started with SRDS

SRDS streamlines the media planning process by providing a one-stop resource for up-to-date and standardized data. This is especially crucial in today’s landscape where there are numerous media brands and channels, making it challenging to gather information for informed media buying decisions. With tight deadlines for media plans, agencies and clients don’t have much time for sales calls or web searches, making SRDS a valuable solution to increase efficiency.

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