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We have a clear editorial stance –we are entirely dedicated to the media industry. Our focus is solely on the news, issues, and themes that are most relevant to media professionals, whether it concerns media funding, production, or regulation. It’s important to note that we don’t claim to be a go-to source for advertising creativity or brand marketing lectures.

Although we welcome contributions and discussions from those in the advertising and marketing industries, we require one thing – that they have a perspective on media, which we believe is the most fascinating, disruptive, and dynamic industry in the world. We refuse to conform to the status quo when it comes to writing about media, technology, and advertising news. Instead, we will take charge and lead the way.

In partnership with SRDS, The Media Leader is a platform for news analysis, opinion and data-led features for media industry professionals.

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We focus on the news, issues, and report on the themes that matter the most to media professionals…
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