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Now available at SRDS!

We are pleased to announce SRDS has partnered with Zeus Prime to provide you with a more seamless ad planning and buying experience.

What is Zeus Prime?

Zeus Prime is a new way to buy advertising from premium publishers. More than just a self-service platform, Zeus Prime allows you to buy inventory in real time, at the speed at which news happens. With Zeus Prime, you benefit from both speed-to-market and trusted content environments. With just a few clicks, you can create premium ad units, select the right content to align with, and launch a media campaign that will reach millions across a brand-safe publisher network. Zeus Prime is no-contract, no-commitment advertising. No admin or ad serving fees apply.

A Network Founded on Performant Supply

Every publisher available within Zeus Prime utilizes a patented ad rendering technology, which improves the speed and quality of the advertising supply. The result? Your ads are seen more, and engaged with more often, than the industry average. Choose from premium publishers such as The Washington Post, MediaNews Group, Tribune Publishing, Graham Media Group, The Dallas Morning News, and Barstool Sports.

How it Works

As you plan your campaigns in SRDS, look for the new Zeus Prime results filter and logo on participating publisher listings. Click the Zeus Prime inventory button to login or register for a free Zeus Prime account.

Step 1: Account Setup

Creating an account on Zeus Prime is as simple as entering your email, company name, industry, and billing information. You can launch a campaign via credit card or set up monthly invoicing.

Step 2: Campaign Setup

You are in full control of creating your campaign. Select your preferred targeting – device, geography, topic(s), and publisher(s). Priced at a $10 CPM (includes targeting), the minimum spend is just $300.

Step 3: Build Your Creative

Upload standard display assets (300×600 or 300×250) or use the Zeus Prime creative builder to repurpose organic social posts.

Step 4: Launch Your Campaign

Within minutes, your campaign is ready to go. Proceed to checkout and your campaign will be approved by the Zeus Prime team within a business day of submission.

Step 5: Reporting Transparency

Once your campaign is live, you’ll have campaign performance right at your fingertips. Pull real-time reporting to view performance by publisher, site, device, and topic so you can easily fine-tune your campaigns over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I read the Zeus Prime Terms and Policies?

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

Advertiser Terms and Conditions


Match your message to the right content, at the right time, across the Zeus Prime publisher network

Contextual Targeting

With over 100 contextual targeting topics to choose from, you can apply contextual targeting to your campaign to ensure your ads only serve alongside specific types of content. Choose from topics ranging from lifestyle focused content like Arts, Entertainment, and Sports to hard news content like Business and Politics. All sites on the Zeus Prime Network have brand safety measures in place to ensure your ads will never appear in front of content that is deemed unsafe. 


Geotargeting reaches users based upon their actual geographical location. Select one or many states or regions within the United States. 

Device targeting

Device targeting reaches users based upon the current device they are using. Select from desktop, smartphone, or tablet. 


What type of creatives can I submit?

Upload completed creative (JPG, PNG, or video file) or easily create an ad using the Zeus Prime creative builder.  Simply provide a social post URL and the creative builder will turn it into an ad. Use the Asset Editor to tweak the text or add a call to action. You can even save and upload your Instagram stories to create a carousel ad. 
All submitted creative will be approved by the Zeus Prime Team before the ad goes live. You will be notified by email if your creative is approved or rejected within a business day of creative submission.

How many creatives can I run? 

You can run multiple creative messages within a campaign. If you are not satisfied with creative performance, you can pause the creative and submit a new one.

Pricing, Billing & Payment2022-04-04T17:28:07-04:00

Do I have to pay to create a Zeus Prime account or am I required to book a campaign once I sign up?

No! Zeus Prime is no-contract, no-commitment ad buying and no admin or ad serving fees apply. Sign up for a free Zeus Prime account and explore everything it can offer your ad campaign.   

How do I pay for my ads? 

Paying for your ads is as easy as online shopping. Once you select your preferred targeting, set your budget, and add your creative, you’ll proceed to checkout where you can pay quickly and easily with a credit card. If you prefer to be billed monthly, you can request invoicing.

What happens if my ads underdeliver impressions? 

Since you only pay for the impressions that run, the platform will automatically refund the amount that was not delivered to your credit card after the campaign has ended. If you are paying by invoice, you will only be charged for the impressions that have run. 

In the event of under-delivery if using a credit card, the value of non-delivered impressions will be calculated and refunded. Please note that the validity period of the credit card used to purchase the ads should cover the whole delivery period for all ads that were part of the booking, as refunds can only be issued for the same card used during the payment of the ads. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for details about Zeus Prime refund policy. 

Campaign Performance2022-04-04T17:28:23-04:00

How do I find out how my ads are performing?

Real-time campaign performance is available in the dashboard when you log in to your Zeus Prime account. Here you will also be able to view performance by publisher, creative, site, device, and topic so you can easily fine-tune your campaigns over time 

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