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Adwanted Consulting Services works closely with you to achieve your business goals. We offer a comprehensive media strategy covering traditional and digital channels, integrated marketing, and audience engagement. We provide continuous learning to drive innovation, positioning ourselves as indispensable partners in media planning and buying, committed to delivering measurable results and excellence.

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Maximize your impact using comprehensive data and analysis tailored to specific geographies.


Customized strategies for tangible success delivered how you want ’em.


Optimize your outcomes and amplify your reach and results.

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An all-encompassing suite of solutions to drive informed decision making.


Research & intelligence

You’ve got questions and our team has the answers. Whether you’re looking on how to start, where to start, and who to target, we can help. We work closely to dissect and understand all areas of your objectives because we know one size doesn’t fit all.

Local Markets

Looking to target locally? No matter the DMA or region, our experts handle the research for you. We craft our local market profiles to give you the inside scoop. We’ll get you there…literally.

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Media buying

Whether you’re targeting consumers or businesses, our expert team of media buyers and planners is here to craft a tailored strategy just for you. Adwanted’s strategic media planning and buying services for both B2C and B2B cover all media channels including Print, Social Media, Digital, Out-of-Home, and more!

Vendor Mapping

Change is the only constant. We’re constantly keeping up and we’ve got you covered. Vendor mapping ensures you have the right information when it comes to ownership changes so you’re on track for billing, managing new vendors, and less overall discrepancies.

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Customized Data

Get the data you need to make informed decisions sent directly to your inbox. No more scrolling endlessly and coming across dead ends to find information. Niche audiences or expansive markets our tailored solutions are made just for you. Historical Data, Minority Ownership Reports, International Media Planning, and more!


Adwanted USA specializes in strategic media solutions, offering tailored services to enhance audience engagement, maximize revenue streams, and optimize digital marketing campaigns. Partner with us to unlock your media campaigns’ full potential and achieve sustainable growth in today’s dynamic landscape.

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