About SRDS

SRDS is the industry standard for media planning and buying, providing agencies and brands with comprehensive and efficient means to incorporate digital and traditional media into modern audience-first buying practices. For publishers, SRDS is a powerful revenue driver that helps them to connect with media buyers efficiently and effectively. The SRDS platform is comprised of inventory from over 125,000 media brands. SRDS is part of the Adwanted Group.

About Adwanted Group

Adwanted Group was founded to provide the advertising sector with the best Tech and Information. Headquartered in New York, with offices in Chicago, Paris, Lille and London, we are a fast growing ambitious business that has grown through both acquisition and organic development.

We are trusted by the biggest media companies in the world to deliver information that makes them better at what they do for their customers. Thanks to our events and digital publishing, our audiences are informed, educated and connected.

Our data products are essential to enhance our customers media and marketing plans. Our tech systems enable advertising to be bought, sold and evaluated better and faster. We deliver efficiency and effectiveness for our clients through seamless teamwork while offering the best service and advice at every turn. We are tenacious in delivering opinions on the future and how we can help deliver that future.

The Group has a proven track record in acquiring many well-established companies and integrating them into our family. These include SRDS (established in 1919), Carthage (2003), CSE (1990), OFFREMEDIA (2005) and most recently Mediatel Group in the UK – all expert companies and leaders in their respective categories.

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