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SRDS has partnered with Upfluence to provide a more seamlesss experience for agencies and brands to access influencers and incorporate them into campaigns. Through direct access to over 4 million influencers across all social platforms, media buyers can more seamlessly plan and execute holistic campaigns for their clients, connecting with influencers in just about any industry, from fashion to automotive, beauty to CPG, and ecommerce to retail.

Why you’ll love it

We experienced firsthand how painful influencer marketing can be without the right tools. So, we developed Upfluence software.


Work with the best influencers

  • Access over 4 million influencer profiles across all social media platforms.
  • Filter your results with over 20 advanced search criteria to find the right influencers for your campaigns.
  • Upfluence is the only influencer platform that lets you identify organic influencers in your own customer base & website audience.
  • Collect social data when visitors’ are browsing your site or during checkout, analyze their social data, and add them to your affiliate campaigns.
Upinfluencer screen shot


Uncover the value of data

  • Gain insights into an influencer’s performance by analyzing audience size, engagement rates, posting habits and more.
  • Combine their social data with their purchase history to reveal your most influential customers.
  • Access tools powered by AI technology, including influencer recommendations and price suggestions.


Run your campaigns more efficiently

  • Streamline your influencer marketing campaigns and stay on top of all your collaborations with a customizable Influencer Relationship Management dashboard.
  • Access all of the tools you need to manage every aspect of your campaigns in one place: edit briefs, send in-app emails, manage negotiations, approve post drafts, and issue payments.
Upfluncer screen sowing the capabilities of the platform
Upfluencer screen showing data information


Make smarter investments & maximize ROI

  • Measure your campaign’s success with advanced analytics dashboards.
  • Calculate your ROI, total earned media value, impressions, and reach and view a summary of all media engagements.
  • Integrate your favorite third-party affiliate tools to monitor the impact of your ambassador program has on sales.

Special SRDS partnership pricing from $4,995

for single-user access to this online service for 1 year.